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WARFIELD • Thrash Metal
METALMESSAGE • Promotional Sampler
NEW TENANTS • Crossover Rapcore
SOBER TRUTH • Thrash Groove Metal
RUNNING DEATH • Thrash Metal
MOLLLUST • Symphonic Opera Metal
BLOODRED • Blackened Death Metal

proudly presents:

Teutonic powerhouse

The 2013 published debut album was entitled "Never Surrender", which is in the 2007 founded Quartet completely to understand as a motto.

Accordingly, the Bavarian ironskulls are decided back now with the crisp four-track EP "Horse Of Hell".

EISENHAUER pay homage to the classic HEAVY METAL with a strong Teutonic component, which is a guarantor for multiple uplifting moods.

Attractive earthy structures, invigorating powerful guitar work, commanding bass lines, powerfully drumming and a comprehensive impressive singer provide a variety of rocking high feelings.

Many of newer bands do not make it, but for EISENHAUER seems it an ease:
by effectively conclusive simplicity and exquisite originality these four enthusiastic disciples of steel cultivate an very own identity.

An exceptionally fine disc which should enable not only fans of GRAND MAGUS in rapture.
(Markus Eck)




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proudly presents:

Fresh and fiery

Since August 28 the Rhineland-Palatinate youngsters WARFIELD shooting their new video for the violent ear-bender "Barrage Fire" into the action:

With "Barrage Fire" you may actually experience one of the most promising new THRASH METAL offspring-troops of the entire spectrum.

WARFIELD are not only easily able to make far-reaching talked about with means of bubbly exuberant joy for playing and enthusiasm.

Immediately one is struck with this is that the super-tight dynamics in the sharp peppery spanking-sound of the five delicious wild lightning-jockeys often reminiscent of incisive lashing songs by SUICIDAL ANGELS.

As other influences one can detect also melodic feats of early Californian Bay Area heroes as well as classics from various precursor prominences from the Ruhr Area.
And exactly this musical attitude gets the explosive thrashed ignition-mix of the crass boiling combo a hellishly hot cocktail.

But the all around fit trained quintet within all the unruly power sprays also a high originality.
On offer is namely autonomy which is often painful missed at so many of similar bands from the profession out of sheer extreme brutality.

After all, the stylistically precisely and jagged targeting gunners of the Rhineland-Palatinate barrage command let their gun barrel glow with fucking tight riff attacks.
The lively blokes show up already just an astonishingly deep pronounced playing culture.
The murderous hungry five-piece around shouter Johannes Clemens must therefore not excel as an "Important Innovation".
But WARFIELD do the ammunition of their rhythmically large caliber magazine much rather with fervent passion! In this way the teutonic influenced Thrash gunfires can most unerringly shot in the ear tunnels.

In autumn 2014, the speedy shredding rascals snotted out their snappy-brute EP with the programmatic title "Call To War".
(Markus Eck)


4 / 5
(Harte Musik)

8,5 / 10
(New Metal Media)

8 / 10
"More epic riffing draws this to a close and an enjoyable trip back towards the birth of the movement by a bunch of guys who were not even born during the decade (or the following one ) it started!"
(Stu's Reviews)

8 / 10
(Reaper Zine)

7 / 10
(With Love, The Underground)

7 / 10

7 / 10
(The Pit)

7 / 10
(Monkey Castle)

"… continues upwards in their journey towards the top of class and thanks to a terrific mash-up of classic bands like SLAYER, ANTHRAX, TESTAMENT, EXODUS, KREATOR, and SODOM and newer acts such as LEGION OF THE DAMNED and SUICIDAL ANGELS these Teutonic warriors are closer to that goal than ever! For WARFIELD … it's all about the THRASH and that starts up front with lead vocalist Johannes Clemens and then runs straight on through to the drumming of Dominik Marx! In-between all of that Metal madness you've got the shredtastic(!) performances of guitarists Matthias Clemens and Dominic Potts and the hotter than hell heaviness of bass player Ethan Stokes!"
(Heavy Metal Time Machine)

WARFIELD online:

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proudly presents:


It's that time again:
Once started in 2004, the popular series of METALMESSAGE PROMOTION SAMPLERS goes on with "VI" since November 5.

Bands worth listening to and cover artists worth seeing will be actively and internationally supported again at the same time.

The detailed and colorful front cover art in the timeless classic Heavy Metal style was created by the Mexican graphic talent Joel Sánchez Rosales.

1. ALTECK (Germany)
-- . - .- .-.. -- . ... ... .- --. .
2. WARFIELD (Germany)
Barrage Fire
3. SYLVATICA (Denmark)
Evil Seeds
4. EISENHAUER (Germany)
Horse Of Hell
5. INCURSED (Basque Country)
Suaren Lurraldea (The Land Of Fire)
6. RUNNING DEATH (Germany)
Hell On Earth
7. MORTHUS (Germany)
Blinded By The Holy Light
Horsemen Of The Grail
9. CYRENCE (Germany)
The Hospital 06:47
10. HALO CREATION (Austria)
Through The Looking Glass
11. MORTAL PERIL (Germany)
Senor Wampo
12. TOXIC WALTZ (Germany)
Priest Of Lie
13. NORTHLAND (Spain)
When Nature Awakes
The Sovereign Place
15. MYRKGRAV (Norway)
Vonde Auer

VI online:

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proudly presents:

With sovereign permeability

Bavarian CROSSOVER RAPCORE talents NEW TENANTS present its new music video for the song "Bust Out".
The clip was shot for a whole day at the Munich Romanplatz and on the local Hackerbrücke. Producer is Justin Urbach from Inhale Production.

"Watch out, there‘s something really big headed your way!"
Oh, how many times one have heard that, read it or had that line thrown your way?
Well, in this case the followers of the Crossover and Rap Metal division can definitely feel welcome, to listen in to this, uh, so totally kick-ass music by singer Marcus, ,Jimmy‘ Nelson & Co!

Because when these Bavarian genre enthusiasts threw together their music style in October 2013 that was as colorful as well as determined, everything was immediately pointing towards quality. And so NEW TENANTS could be put in a straight forward and independent class of their own.

In record-breaking time the four members raised their exceptional CROSSOVER RAPCORE output to new heights, which in fact, can be heard very well in their debut album "Unity By Collision" which released in May 2015.

The refreshingly crisp produced jumper sound of this exceptional band from Bavaria scores with a wonderfully rich sound. The whole thing is made up of punchy Rock and whipping Metal elements, while working up a relentless sweat. What? Not enough? Alright, old school Hip-Hop is also present with NEW TENANTS! Due to the considerably professional production the impressive differentiated display of drumming just fits perfectly any time. Accents are definitely set to really leave an impression.

Fans of Rage Against The Machine, lovers of Limp Bizkit and freaks who go through the roof at Deez Nuts with the volume turned to full blast, might just have found a new favorite band: NEW TENANTS!

Apart from enthralling catchy beats and massive stomping riffs, of this 4-pack from Buchloe, especially the vocalist has a lot to offer. His american roots ensure him a superior linguistic performance. Jimmy, definitely born to be a front man, celebrates his kickstarting ejections in slick exquisite special class of it's own. And he does this, in a way rarely heard and seen in bands of this style from Germany. Fact is: he's not just been in the game since yesterday. He‘s been shouting his lines for more than a decade now which made him even better. His vocal captivating soulfulness and fervency comes from a troublesome life, which has made this guy into a true fighter. And you can hear that in every word Jimmy phrases. It just gets deep under your skin. And goes to your heart from there!

Already at the beginning of 2014 the wild live set of these productive talented boys was standing on sturdy legs. And immediately NEW TENANTS went on to playing their first gigs, in which they successfully even shared the stage with the famous band Dog Eat Dog.

It‘s clear that something massive like this pushes a band even more. And so, after several preliminary rounds, NEW TENANTS won the final of the "Rising Heroes Band Contest" in January 2015 in Munich and thereby leaving behind at least 40 (!) other competing bands.

Got curious?
Then get your hands on NEW TENANTS and "Unity By Collision"!
Along the lines of JUMP DA FUCK UP!
(Markus Eck)

MEDIA FEEDBACK for NEW TENANTS "Unity By Collision":

94 / 100

90 / 100

4 / 5
(Harte Musik)

8 / 10
"When I held the record in my hands for the first time, saw the title and listened to it, tears of (teenage) joy ran down my cheek … it is really back! It think this has nothing to do with new metal and the hollow trash can people call Limp Bizkit … no, this record, from start to finish, captures what I just friggin’ loved as a teenager: the somewhat political lyrics, nicely performed by singer Jimmy, paired with stomping and groovy Metal that just invites for some brutal stage-diving, pogo and all the stuff you did (I did) as a teenager when going to hardcore concerts…"

7.5 / 10
"'Bust Out' has that Beastie Boys early hardcore presence in spades in the main verses, not to mention a bit of a southern flair that shows up elsewhere throughout the release as well … the chorus, however, starts showing that signature Rage Against The Machine flair that is established in the first groove heavy chorus, and seems to just linger in everything that follows it…"

3,5 / 5
(Get Metal)

3,5 / 5 - empfehlenswert
(Deep Ground)

"'Unity By Collision' caught me off guard with a wicked left hook and by the time I came to my senses I suddenly realized that I was knee-deep in the groove and my face was completely covered up by the gravel of this street-legit four-piece! I can see fans of RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE really digging this…"
(Heavy Metal Time Machine)


+ + +

proudly presents:

Demolition squad for musical walls

Founded in 2007 in Bonn as a chapel of hungry genre-rebels, these crossheads and mate-types from Germany have always walked deliberately and anytime erect their own way.

Musical rules were unrestrained broken in the further course by SOBER TRUTH in order to give the best possible expression to one's own individuality.

Singer and guitarist Torsten Schramm, bass player Sebastian Hofmann, lead guitarist Marvin Creek and drummer Samir Al Baw boarding out hefty THRASH GROOVE METAL. The damn pithy songs of the quartet are outrageous peppered with a whole bar of modern elements.

With the basic ingredients of their varied music the four Metallians build always a very solid foundation:
Massive crashing guitar riffs and razor sharp bass lines within decidedly dynamic song structures, which tackle often ruthlessly.

The very special shaken Heavy Metal cocktail of the formation tastes more and more fans just fine. Thus, the four-pack has expanded its own little niche continuing in the highly competitive underground. 

SOBER TRUTH last set their impulsive and turned irascible EP "New Slavery World" off the chain, which appeared in 2014:

Since the beginning of the band these unflinching convictions already played more than 180 (!) concerts. A weighty fact which also speaks a very clear language when it comes to energy.
SOBER TRUTH looking targeted to be close to their fans and potential new friends anyway.

The idealistic waterproof tumblers shared stages with acts as Crematory, The Sorrow, Copia, Brainstorm, Die Apokalyptischen Reiter, Sister Sin, Contradiction, Orden Ogan and Eisbrecher.

SOBER TRUTH want to continue to stir up the Metal scene in strong wise and inject the people a decent dose of adrenaline.

More songs for the planned third studio album are already in the box , and all sorts of other plans are forged already hot. Stay tuned!
(Markus Eck)


+ + +

proudly presents:

Standalone class

In the year 2012 RUNNING DEATH for the first time managed to be heard and saluted outside of the THRASH METAL underground, thanks to their EP titled "The Call Of Extinction". Their search for style, flow of ideas and songwriting started taking extraordinarily unique shapes on their just as playful as original release.

A major factor why fans and music media alike received it with highest praise is the plethora of wonderfully fresh ideas, the bavarian Thrash Metal exception around singer and guitarist Simon bring to life.

We write 2015, the year RUNNING DEATH released their shining debut album "Overdrive". Inspired to a huge extend by their experience on the road, playing highly explosive and headcrushing shows wherever they can, "Overdrive" is one of the most original, interesting and rewarding releases of it's own demonstratively sophisticated Thrash genre, that has made it into our ears for a long time. This is due a lot to the extraordinary vocals by axeman Simon, whose voice couldn't be less conformant. While others constantly scream with all they got, the RUNNING DEATH frontman prefers giving in fully to his own individuality.

In an ever so solid and exciting team with co-six-stringer Julian the guitars keep screaming high intensity riffs to your ears, even when the songs dive into some of the more progressive areas. Drummer Jakob as well is no small deal, besides keeping it professional all the time he is giving those surprising accents that listeners desiring for precision and complex rhythms enjoy so much. And especially if you're a fan of MEGADETH or the good old INTRUDER you should find just what you're looking for in this masterful bavarian band.

Their elaborate mix of old school Metal, timeless art and finest melodies together with a huge portion of idealism gives the quickly moving band a huge space to work and develop in. If you first are put off by their individuality, this will soon be what brings you back to their music over and over again.

Last but not least, all of the above also applies to the artistically as well as meaningful front cover artwork of "Overdrive", which helps RUNNING DEATH set apart from the broad masses a lot.

The four men from Kaufbeuren celebrate a well working mixture of talent, intellect, class and innovation as well as having the greatest fun working on their material. And you will feel that, I promise. If you want to verify all the above for yourself, please go ahead and let yourself be taken away by the richly detailed and energetic songs that as a whole make "Overdrive". Thank you!
(Markus Eck)


5 / 5
(Guitar Magazine)

9,4 / 10
"When they play at high speed music that shook the ear, they still provide harmony in every track that they serve."

9 / 10
"…full of juicy guitar work…"
(Metal Temple)

9 / 10
"…a really good album, well sung, well played and well produced…"
(Stu's Reviews)

9 / 10
"…one of the most original, interesting and rewarding releases…"

9 / 10
"For people who have heard it, it is an almost life changing experience … this album is held in high regard in the Metal community as one of the best Thrash/Speed Metal albums of all time, and it’s very easy to see why … a gem of Progressive/Technical Thrash Metal…"
(Reviews From A Solitary Room)

5.5 / 6
"This could be a hidden gem, unearth the diamond in the rough as "Overdrive" is a varied semi-technical thrash smash to these ears."
(Eternal Terror)

4 / 5

8,25 / 10
"'Overdrive' is a winner … they capture that precious novelty I felt as a teenager in the 80s, exploring hundreds of paper route-purchased thrash cassettes through the genre's prime…"

8 / 10
"…a lot of the new thrash bands should learn a thing or two from this release…"
(Deaf Forever)

8 / 10
"…a great listen because it isn’t something we’ve all heard 1.000 times…"
(Skull Fracturing Metal)

7 / 10
(Monkey Castle)

"It’s highly recommended for those followers of the genre who like new bands with original sound and interesting touches of modernity. As extra info, cover artwork was created by talented artist Gyula Havancsak…"
(Zombie Ritual)


+ + +

proudly presents:

On behalf of the aesthetics

"In Deep Waters"SYMPHONIC OPERA METAL first-rate musicians from Leipzig, Germany gonna release their second album on September 25th!

To present its classic-Metal-symbiosis they’ll tour with Israeli Folk Metal ambassadors ORPHANED LAND through Europe, playing special acoustic versions of MOLLLUST songs.

With their unique mixture of classical music and Metal the noble ensemble won e.g. German BachSpiele 2012. They were also M’Era Luna Newcomer 2013 and Wacken Foundation funds the upcoming album.

"In Deep Waters" shines with overlength:
it contains 75 (!) minutes of brand new material with orchestral passages and texts in three different languages, once more produced by DISILLUSION-Mastermind Andy Schmidt. It is presented in a precious Digipak.

In addition to 6 German vocalized compositions, the new monumental work of MOLLLUST is presented with 6 songs in English. Included are as well a French vocalized song and some passages in Italian. There are also to enjoy 2 special instrumental works.

That the trained MOLLLUST soprano Janika Groß strengthened the line-up at the established Symphonic Metal pioneers HAGGARD since December 2013, illustrates the relevance of their wide vocal skills and class.
(On top of that, E-guitarist and singer Frank Schumacher recently joined HAGGARD, where he acts as a live stand-in on tenor and bass.)


10 / 10

"… a grandiose album."
(XXL Rock)

95 / 100

9,5 / 10
"The entirety of songs on 'In Deep Waters' is very varied and never boring … they keep you fascinated for the full 74 minutes … even if you have never experienced Opera Metal before, you should listen to this album at least once and prepare yourself for a surprise … this is the real deal and the best you can get in this kind of genre."

3,5 / 5
(All Around Metal)

3,5 / 5
(Deep Ground)

4 / 6
"… a credible interpretation of symphonic opera with metallic spices, moderate and mild in style."

7 / 10
"This album features some great songs (15 of them in fact) and it is well played and produced …"
(Musipedia Of Metal)

MOLLLUST online:

+ + +

proudly presents:

Full speed ahead on the own route 666

Hey, also the muzzle full to the brim of the whole tasteless mass lining in the hard field? Then please open your ear canals very wide now:

Because of the wild roaring forcefully powersound this Bavarian four-cylinder engine clockes with damn lively individuality! Finally, the whole thing is driven by a sharp priming mix of sheer exclusivity. Yeah , DEATHLESS CREATION turn to a really fat THRASH'N'ROLL engine!

On September 25, the four kerosene-souls released their debut album "Thrash‘N‘Roll", which can be used as efficiently adrenaline booster.

On 4th of September the speed limiter was provoked with the upper permeable single "King Of The Lonesome Riders".

The highly independently output of this contagious playful riff maniacs from Günzburg gets the idea-catalyst such highly glowing that it acts not rarely in musically enlightening manner. And it's truly no wonder, because there mixture sparks such good:
In the always brimming tank of these guys such delicious influences as Pantera, Machine Head, Metallica, Exodus, Elvis Presley, The Beatles, Deep Purple and Whitesnake get stirred powerfully with blues and rock music out of the 60s and 70s.

Distinctive focus in the magnificently rugged street feeling of DEATHLESS CREATION is the concise voice of guitarist Benne Rommel, which is capable for much with its richly varied vocals: growls, high screams, regular vocals etc.

With its significant throat repertoire, Benne as an optimal herald for the heavy groove and the right mix of the band of melody, toughness and snotty Rock'n'Roll, holds the steering wheel firmly in his hands.

Inspiring and enthralling riffs are very important for the participants on "Thrash‘N‘Roll": DEATHLESS CREATION express their collective dislike for monotonous stereotyped thinking and show openness for an wholly no-limits attitude.

The originators see themselves in their eventful artistic journey rightly considered unique, and one also knows therefore no band could be stylistically compared to DEATHLESS CREATION.

Despite all of self-knowledge these Bavarian powerhouse is not about an image or subgenre-pomposity which is going more and more in Metal. They want primarily just making good music. Songs that come straight from the heart. And the band want to achieve all influences that come into their minds in its special Metal interpretation.

DEATHLESS CREATION love music, you can hear it on "Thrash‘N‘Roll" significantly. Their mixture includes something for everyone who stands on crisp fresh hardness and technically clean execution.

No matter therefore, whether you're standing on Thrash and Death Metal, Garage Rock or the Foo Fighters: With these you drive good!
(Markus Eck)


4 / 5
(Get Metal)

8,5 / 10

8 / 10
"… honest music and a fresh concept that exceeds the boundaries of the scene and the genre … seems to bring out different and more refined elements than that initial thrash assault and becomes a much more genre integrated album … melody mixes with the aggression and creates more complex songs …"
(Stu's Reviews)

7 / 10

7 / 10
(Music Scan)

7 / 10


+ + +

proudly presents:

Proven studio cooperative for the debut album

BLOODRED have recently started recording for the longed-for by many debut album. 

For this Ron Merz has teamed up with Alexander Krull (ATROCITY, LEAVES' EYES) in its Mastersound Studio in Germany from 17 July. For the two is to continue the successful cooperation from last year.

Recording master Krull produces the whole and overtakes mixing and mastering. 
After the critically acclaimed EP "The Lost Ones", which was released in August last year, the current co-operative represents the second collaboration of this team. 

[ Picture: Stefan Heilemann / Heilemania ]

In the technically well-equipped halls of the renowned Mastersound Studios releases of known acts like ATROCITY, LEAVES' EYES, BELPHEGOR and OBSCURA have already been provided with a great sound. The guitars get recorded by Thorsten Bauer (ATROCITY, LEAVES' EYES). 

Once more with the mystical BLACKENED DEATH METAL game in Swabian realms is also Joris Nijenhuis (ATROCITY, LEAVES' EYES), who overtakes the drums just as it did at last year's EP "The Lost Ones".

BLOODRED mastermind, singer and multi-instrumentalist Ron Merz comments:
"I am insanely blazed with great joy at the new recording sessions! In the Mastersound one can work as relaxed as fully focused. And Alex is always close with words and deeds." 

Equally important to the studious BLOODRED main actor is the competent and experienced Joris Nijenhuis who plays the drum parts for the upcoming longplay crusher:
"Joris is a world-class drummer, bringing in a whole new way ennobling, powerful dimension to my music with its style!".

The release of the debut album strike of BLOODRED, to date untitled, is scheduled for autumn 2015.

BLOODRED online:

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proudly presents:

Musically Zeitgeist

In the 1930s it was stated, Blues would be the dangerous work of the Devil.
In the 1940s it was stated, Jazz & Swing were frightening excesses of the Devil.
In the 1950s it was stated, Rock'n'Roll would be the evil sound of the Devil.
In the 1960s it was stated, Beat would be the unpure music of the Devil.
In the 1970s it was stated, Rock music would be the corrupting sound of the Devil.
Well, and since the 1980s it was stated, Heavy Metal would be a diabolic spawn of the Devil.

What the much-reviled one heard in earlier centuries, is not officially known.
In any case, it seems clear that the ever pert bloke became really pretty musically, specifically over the last ten decades…
(Markus Eck)

+ + +